Questions you should ask
Who is Bird Eats Bug for?
Mainly development teams: PMs, Engineers, QA and Designers.

Extend this to your non-technical people in your company - and you'll start getting good bug reports.
How is it different from Hotjar or FullStory?
1. SDKs only report exceptions, not visual or behavior bugs
2. It works even with ad blockers
3. No need to look for your recording among thousands of others
4. It's specifically designed for internal use, so it's not creepy and doesn't violate your users' privacy
5. No GDPR headache 🤯
6. No coding, so Bird is a lot easier and faster to set up
Is Bird a replacement for application monitoring (Sentry, Bugsnag) or automated testing tools (Selenium, Cypress)?
Bird is actually complementary to those tools, as it mostly helps with the bugs that are either not covered by automated tests or don't necessarily throw an error / exception. 80% of the bugs are caught internally (before users actually see them) and that's where you will find Bird especially helpful.
So how does the replay work?
Bird Eats Bug continuously captures DOM elements on the pages of your choice, i.e. production and staging of your product.

When you encounter a bug, you can rewind back, check what actions led to it and share the replay with your teammates or file a bug report.
Tell me about resource consumption: CPU, SSD, etc.
In terms of effect on CPU, we are trying to make our extension consume not more than your ad blocker.

When it comes to memory, recording DOM allows us to use a lot less RAM than recording actual video. We don't write anything to disk, so your SSD life will not be affected.

To further minimise the energy effect, you can only enable recording on certain URLs. We recommend turning it on on staging and production of your product.
What about privacy and security? Is my screen recorded all the time?
No. Recording happens only on the URLs you specify. Also, the data doesn't leave your machine before you upload it to share with your teammate.
Why "Bird Eats Bug"?
Well, because bird is the word.
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