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Who is Bird Eats Bug for?
Mainly development teams: PMs, Engineers, QA and Designers. Extend this to other teams in your company - and you will avoid getting unclear bug reports and unproductive communication.
How is Bird different from SDK-based tools?
1. SDKs only report exceptions, not visual or behavior bugs
2. It works even if you have an ad blocker
3. No coding, so anybody can set it up in under 5 minutes
How is Bird different from user session recording tools?
Tools like Hotjar or FullStory are designed to track your users, while Bird is focused on helping you report and fix bugs before users even see them, i.e. on your pre-production environments. This also means that Bird does not violate your users' privacy and helps you avoid issues with GDPR.
Is Bird a replacement for application monitoring or automated testing tools?
Bird is actually complementary to the tools like Sentry, Bugsnag, Selenium, Cypress, etc., as it mostly helps with the bugs that are either not covered by automated tests or don't necessarily throw an error / exception. 80% of the bugs are caught on pre-production environments and that's where Bird is especially helpful.
What about privacy and security?
Is my screen recorded all the time?
No. Recording happens only on the URLs you specify. Also, the data doesn't leave your machine before you upload it to share with your teammate. And when you do upload it, it's stored in the EU.
Reporting bugs
You don't need technical skills to use Bird, but if you have a question, the answer might be here.
Features and functionality
Check out what features are available today and what is coming in the near future.
What technical data does Bird capture?
Today Bird is able to record the following: console logs, warnings, URL changes, network errors, system information (browser, OS, time). Our goal is to also bring the following types of data soon: sourcemaps, network requests, Redux logs, iFrame errors, interactions with HTML elements, etc.
Can I take a screenshot with Bird?
At the moment, for visual reporting Bird only allows to make video recordings of your current browser tab or the whole screen. We do plan to support screenshot as well, though.
What features are on your short-term roadmap?
Based on the feedback from our users we are planning to do the following features: voice annotation, JIRA integration, mp4 video download.
Will you offer other ways to report bugs (other than browser extension)?
Yes. With a little bit of code you will be able to make Bird available to any internal user (i.e. on your pre-production environment) even without the browser extension.
Where do you store videos and other data?
All our data is stored in the EU. It is also encrypted at rest with LUKS and in transit with SSL.
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