Report and fix bugs faster
Screen recording with technical logs

Record your screen and automatically capture valuable engineering data.
Bird is quick to install, yet can save your team several hours of work every week.
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Engineers spend
25% of their time
on bugs
Source: University of Cambridge

Imagine all the features that could be built instead.

But where does this time go? A lot of it is spent on trying to reproduce an issue and asking the bug reporter for additional info. You can change that...

Here's how to help fix bugs faster

Found a bug?
Click Bird and hit "Record"
Bird's browser extension does the hard work behind the scenes and captures all the important data for you.
Install on Chrome
Auto-include technical data.
No coding required.
Console logs, network requests and general info like browser/OS or screen size. Help engineers find the cause of the problem faster.
See example
Integrate Bird with other tools
Connect Bird to your existing tools to speed up the workflow. Push bug reports directly to your issue tracker in seconds.

Avoid unnecessary back-and-forth

No back-and-forth when reporting bugs
See what others have to say

Shift effort from bugs
to features