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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bird Eats Bug's web SDK widget

Last updated on
February 28, 2023
Notice of changes from Beta to stable production release

As the Web SDK comes out of Beta into a stable release, please note the following changes that may impact usage of the Web SDK if you already have it installed:

  • Breaking change: window.birdeatsbug.startSession() renamed to window.birdeatsbug.trigger(). Please refer to https://sdk.birdeatsbug.com/latest/docs/migrations.html for more details.
  • Web SDK will only be available in the latest Starter and Premium plans. Existing users in alternative plans will be contacted prior to the release.
  • Option to default SDK uploads to public will be removed for security reasons.

I’m already using Intercom/Zendesk etc., to receive bug reports from customers. Why should I use the Bird Eats Bug Web SDK instead?

Our Web SDK has been designed to complement existing customer support tools like Intercom and Zendesk, not replace them. These tools are fantastic in dealing with simple questions & answers between your customer support rep and customers, but not so ideal for technical issues, which generally require your customer to share their screen and other technical data, and a lot more back-and-forth. Our Web SDK completely eliminates this problem. It also works seamlessly with tools like Intercom.

Does the Web SDK work with Intercom? How?

Yes. Our Web SDK integrates with Intercom. When your customers report a bug via the Web SDK, if Intercom is also present on the page, Bird will automatically post the link to Intercom, allowing your customer support team to seamlessly manage all issues in one place, continue to respond to the customers with Intercom, and easily pass on issues to the relevant product managers/software engineers.

Set up multiple configurations of the SDK in your application.

You may have different teams working on different parts of your application, or your team may be working on several different applications at the same time for various clients. In this case, you can organize all the bugs reported from different sources into different collections by implementing the Web SDK with a different public app ID generated in the SDK settings page. From here, they can be taken care of by specific teams or automatically forwarded to different Slack channels or Linear teams.

How can I manage bug reports from the Web SDK with Slack?

You can configure the Web SDK to upload sessions to a specific collection of your choice in the SDK settings page, e.g., “SDK.” If you have the Slack integration enabled, you can go to the Notifications settings page to enable Slack notifications to a specific channel for “SDK” collection e.g., #bug_reports.

Setup Web SDK to automatically triage JIRA Cloud and Linear issues

You can configure the Web SDK to upload sessions to a specific collection of your choice in the SDK settings page e.g., “SDK”. If you have the JIRA Cloud or Linear team integrations enabled in the integrations settings page, you can automate the creation of JIRA Cloud and Linear issues with specific attributes whenever a bug is uploaded to a particular collection.

Can bugs from the Web SDK be uploaded as public sessions?

No. Since the data reported from the Web SDK primarily come from end users, for security purposes the session permission status will be set to private by default, this is also consistent with any bugs reported by users with the “Guest Reporter” role from the browser extension. However, a user with an admin or full member role can still change the permission of a session when it needs to be shared externally.

Which plans allow me to use the Web SDK?

The Web SDK is available on our Starter and Premium plan.
The Premium plan version of the SDK allows you to fully customize both the workflow and UI to suit your needs.

The Web SDK is also available to users with a lifetime Appsumo subscription. Unfortunately, it is not available on legacy plans.

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