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How to share sessions form Bird Eats Bug

Last updated on
February 24, 2023

Recorded a bug? Upload the session to your individual or shared workspace and share bug report with your team right away.

Sharing sessions via Private and Public link

From a session, you can quickly copy a shareable session link using the top-right "Copy link" button on the toolbar.

Shareable links can be configured as:

  • Private links: to share the bug report only with your team (who will need to have a Bird Eats Bug account and be part of the workspace), useful when you are not ready to share it with the world
  • Public links: to make the session available for public access, allowing you to quickly paste it anywhere

Sending sessions to other apps

Aside from sharing using links, you can connect Bird Eats Bug to issue trackers and collaboration tools:

  • Integrations with Azure DevOps, JIRA Cloud, Github, Slack, Linear, Trello, and Zapier
  • Automatic ticket creation with JIRA Cloud and Slack
  • Automatic notification post with Slack
  • Simple status tracking built-in
  • Real-time email notifications when a team member uploads a new bug report

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