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Can I hide the console logs?

Last updated on
February 27, 2023

Bird Eats Bugs allows you full control of the layout on the session screen.

How to hide the developer tools or session details:

You may follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the X at the top right of either the Developer Tools panel or the Details panel to hide it
  • Alternatively, open the Layout control popup at the center of the top toolbar and toggle off any panel you want to hide
Close panel button
Layout control panel

How to share a session without logs:

Easy! You just need to hit the Copy link button at the right side of the top toolbar.

The shareable link contains the current layout configuration you are seeing. Any user you share this link with will open the session exactly how you're viewing it.

They will also be able, at any time, manage the visibility of panels to show and hide whatever sections they need.

Just hit copy link to share your current view!

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