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How do I connect Bird Eats Bug to JIRA Cloud

Last updated on
February 24, 2023

How to use Bird Eats Bug's JIRA Cloud integration

Bird does all the work and makes it easy for teams to report bugs into Linear.

Auto-create JIRA issues depending on Collection

Create new JIRA issues automatically when a bug report is uploaded.

Integration setup

  1. Go to your Bird workspace settings and head to your Integration Settings page
  2. Enable the JIRA Cloud team integration toggle
  3. Input all authentications to connect Bird to your JIRA account
  4. Once completed, the toggle will be ON
  5. A list of Collections will be displayed. You can then configure a specific JIRA project customized to each Collection and click the Add button
  6. The JIRA team integration is ready to use. Upload a session and a new JIRA issue will be auto-created to your JIRA workspace

Manual JIRA integration

Create new or add to existing JIRA issues directly from your bug report.

Integration setup

  1. Go to your workspace settings and navigate to Integration settings
  2. Enable JIRA Cloud personal integration toggle
  3. Input all authentication steps in the popup to connect Bird to your JIRA account
  4. After the integration is completed, the toggle is ON
  5. Go back to the session list and open the session that you want to post to JIRA cloud
  6. Open the right Details panel, if it's hidden, using the Layout control at the center of the top toolbar.
  7. On the bottom of the Details panel, click on the JIRA icon to open the JIRA’s custom fields
  8. Enter all information to these fields and click Create Issue button
  9. A success message will displays with a clickable link to open the JIRA issue

Stop reporting bugs the old-fashioned way

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Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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