I cannot access or view the session

Last updated on
March 14, 2022

Having issues accessing or viewing your Bird session? We’ve prepared some troubleshooting tips for you. Most likely it's one of these 3 issues:

1. You doesn't have permissions

The following (or similar) message will be displayed: "Cannot Load Session. Your account may not have permission to view this session, or it may have been deleted."


1. You needs to be invited to a workspace that this session belongs to. Link to invite screen:

2. You can set the session permission to public

2. You are trying to access a session beyond the free plan limit

1. The following (or similar) message will be displayed: "This session is no longer available with the current workspace plan."

2. We allow access to 30 most recently uploaded sessions, so if a user tries to access an older one, they will see the message above


You needs to upgrade here or delete the newer sessions.

3. You have a "bug reporter" role in the workspace that the session belongs to


The admin of that workspace needs to change the role of the user. It can be done via Settings > Members

Need further assistance? Contact us via or drop a message to us via our Slack channel.

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