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Never miss a bug with instant replay

Replays will allow Bird to monitor your most tested pages for errors and replay issues immediately after they happen. Essential for catching hard-to-reproduce errors.

Create perfect bug reports 10x faster

Reporting a bug that used to take you 5 minutes can be done in 30 seconds with Bird. Simply record the bug, and instantly have a bug report with the recording, steps, clicks, technical logs, URL, system info, the list goes on.

Automate tests faster with E2E helper

Automatically convert your test recordings into E2E test script templates for popular frameworks, and make the handover process a breeze for your automation engineers.

Highlight errors with markers, comments etc.

Add markers to point out specific issues in the video timeline, support your findings with additional comments, file attachments or highlight specific technical logs.

Testimonial from Abby Sudario QA of Rightsline

QA Lead at Rightsline

With Bird, we get more visibility on issues and detailed reproduction steps, complete with screenshots and screen recordings that saves us up to 50% of time when reporting bugs.

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