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How do I connect Bird Eats Bug to Zapier

Last updated on
February 24, 2023

Our Zapier integration allows you to build custom automation triggers that are invoked whenever sessions are created or updated in Bird.


Zapier is useful for building automations or custom integrations with Bird. It allows you to connect Bird with over 4,000 apps, and customise specific actions to speed up your bug reporting workflow.

Getting Started


First, go to Zapier create an account. You can get started on a free trial, after which you will be charged based on usage.

Next, enabled the integration in Bird by going to the integrations settings page for your workspace. Once connected, you can create workflows directly within Zapier, and trigger with other useful apps such as Clickup, Azure Devops, Airtable and more.


Once you have Bird connected to Zapier, you can build workflows and automation within the Zapier app. Bird currently provides 2 types of triggers: when uploading a session, and when labels are updated on a session. Based on these triggers, you can for example, automatically create a new issue in Gmail containing all Bird session data (e.g. description, environment details, session URL etc.) whenever you upload a bug in Bird.

Here's an example workflow you can try to get started:

  1. Go to Zapier and select Bird Eats Bug Zapier app
  2. Create a trigger in Zapier on Session Uploaded
  3. Select Gmail as the other app to send trigger data to
  4. Select action Send Email and fill in the required fields
  5. Go to Bird extension and upload a new session

With this example workflow, whenever you upload a new session from the Bird extension, you'll receive an email with the details you've configured.

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