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What is Bird Eats Bug?

Last updated on
February 24, 2023

We’re building the next generation bug reporting tool that helps companies solve one of the most time-consuming problems in software development - fixing technical bugs.

Developers spend 2-6 hours a day on technical issues. And for the most part, it’s a lot of back and forth with either users or other teams like Product or Customer Support. That’s more time spent on bugs than developing great features.

Bird Eats Bug is a no-code SaaS tool that allows even non-technical people to create interactive data-rich bug reports that help engineers deliver better software faster.

No unclear bug reports. No unnecessary back-and-forth. Just shareable, data-rich reports in seconds.

Stop reporting bugs the old-fashioned way

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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