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Changes to free workspaces

Last updated on
May 26, 2023

Support for free workspaces will end on 30th June 2023.

This was not an easy decision to make. We have supported free workspaces for over 3 years to make faster bug reporting accessible to all. However, continuing support for free workspaces has become costly, not only economically, but also operationally. It adds a layer of complexity that has made the product harder to maintain as it continues to grow, and impacts new product decisions too. Contrasting this with the fact that engagement in free workspaces is much lower compared to paid ones, we believe that ending support for free workspaces will allow us to simplify and deliver product improvements faster to our core user base. We hope you can understand this decision.

What happens next

Your free workspace will continue to be accessible until 30th June 2023. During this period, you will also be given the opportunity to activate a 14 day Premium trial. If you decide not to upgrade to a paid plan before 30th June 2023, or the end of the 14 day Premium trial (if activated), your workspace will enter a closed status, where further access will be limited.

Your next actions

Here’s some recommendations on what to do next:

1. If you or your organization already has a paid workspace, move your sessions from the free workspace to the paid one.

  • We recommend moving your sessions to your “Private" collection in the paid workspace, where only you have access. Sessions stored here can still be shared with others individually via the "public" sharing permission.

2. If you or your organization do not have a paid account, please upgrade the workspace.

3. Do nothing.

  • Your workspace will still be accessible until 30th June 2023, after which access will be limited. Your workspace will then be deleted following another 30 days.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support of Bird Eats Bug.

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