Our Integrations

Improve your bug reporting workflow by connecting Bird to other apps in your stack.

Azure DevOps

Create an Azure issue directly from a Bird session or add a bug report as a comment to an existing Azure issue.


Create GitHub issues directly from Bird to save time switching between tabs.


Connect errors in Rollbar to Bird Eats Bug recordings

Jira Cloud

Save time by creating Jira issues directly from a Bird bug report.


Speed up your bug reporting workflow by creating Linear issues straight from Bird.


Instantly send notifications to a specific Slack channel whenever someone uploads a new session to a collection in your team workspace.


Create a new Trello card straight from Bird complete with bug report title and link.


Build custom automation triggers that are invoked whenever sessions are created or updated in Bird.


Help your users report bugs easily with our Zendesk integration.


Help your users report bugs easily with our Intercom integration.

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