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How to replay a bug

Last updated on
February 27, 2023

Replays are like a car dashcam for bugs. It allows Bird Eats bug to constantly record a page in the background, so the next time a bug occurs you can simply hit "Replay your actions" to re-live the bug and see what caused it, along with all the technical logs that an engineer might need to fix it. Saving you the need to reproduce and record the bug manually.

You can follow these steps to start using replays:

  1. Go to the website/app where you want to start capturing replays
  2. Open the Bird Eats Bug browser extension
  3. Enable the "Replays" toggle (if this is your first time, you'll see a "Enable replays on this page" toggle)
  4. That's it! The extension is now ready to capture your sessions on that specific domain.
  5. When a bug happens, just open the extension and click on "Watch replay" or use the Bird Eats Bug floating widget to see your replay
Click to enable replays
Watch replay from the extension
Watch replay from the hovering widget

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