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How do I assign a Bird Eats Bug session to someone

Last updated on
February 27, 2023

Bird Eats Bug allows you to add multiple team members as the assignees of a session.

How to add assignees to a session:

  1. Open the session page
  2. Click the Unassigned button on the details panel to the right of the screen (if the panel is hidden, enable it using the Layouts control at the center of the top toolbar)
  3. Select the users that you want to assign. These users are added and will also be displayed on the session list as avatars.

Missing someone?

You can quickly invite a new user as a team member from the assign popup:

  1. Click on Invite to the team at the bottom of the assign popup
  2. Fill out the user's email address
  3. An invite to join your team's workspace will be sent to the user
  4. After the user has accepted, you'll be able to assign sessions to him/her

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