Create a new Trello card straight from Bird complete with bug report title and link.

bird eats bug integration with trello


Is your team using multiple Trello boards to manage daily tasks? Our integration enables you to easily create Trello cards complete with a bug title and bug report link auto-included to your Trello board of choice. will be added to your Trello board (as you choose) and then everyone will get all the information they need in a few seconds.This feature makes collaborating much simpler.

Integration setup

  1. Go to your workspace settings and navigate to Integration settings
  2. Enable the toggle of Trello
  3. Go back to the session list and open the session that you want to post to Trello
  4. On the top right, click on Trello icon to open an auto-prefill Trello card contains bug report link, title, and description
  5. Click Log in to add this card button  and complete all authentication steps to connect Bird to your Trello account
  6. Select your desired board and click Send to <board name> button
  7. A success message will display with a clickable link to open this Trello card

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