Speed up your bug reporting workflow by creating Linear issues straight from Bird.

bird eats bug integration with linear


Create Linear issues directly from your Bird bug report and optimize your development workflow with a single click. No need to switch between applications to collect bug information that developers need. Each Linear issue comes complete with console logs, system information, network requests, click events, and more. This feature makes collaborating much simpler.

  • Record and upload bug directly to your workspace
  • Auto-prefill tickets complete with bug report link, title, and description in one click

Integration setup

  1. Go to your workspace settings and navigate to Integration settings
  2. Enable the toggle of Linear
  3. Go back to the session list and open the session that you want to post to Linear
  4. On the top right, click on Linear icon to open authentication steps to connect Bird to your Linear account
  5. An auto-prefill Linear ticket contains bug report link, title, and description will be opened
  6. Click Save button and a new Linear ticket will be created in your Linear account

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