Tech Mode

Discover powerful features that allow you to test, report and fix software bugs much faster, simply by recording your screen.

Capture DevTools while you record your screen

Bird records technical data in the background while you capture your screen, so all console logs, network requests and environment information is captured to help engineers debug faster.

Missed a bug? Instant replay it
Sometimes you just have no idea how a bug happened. So let Bird watch out for them in the background instead, all you need to do is watch the replay.
Generate E2E test scripts; from a screen recording

Bird record events like page navs, clicks, keypresses etc. and converts them into E2E test scripts for Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer and Selenium. Use them to a smoother handover from manual to automated testing.

Built-in error notifier for catching hidden bugs
Some bugs happen without you noticing because they don't trigger any visual cues on your screen. Bird flags them in the background while you test to help you catch every last pesky bug.
Automatically triage your bugs
With Bird, simply uploading a recording lets you automatically create a fully custom Jira ticket, Linear issues, GitHub issues etc. Sounds like magic? We think it is - try it to believe it.
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