Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Bird Eats Bug is committed to safeguarding and protecting our information and any other information entrusted to us.

If you've discovered a vulnerability in the Bird Eats Bug application, please don't share it publicly. Instead, please submit a report to us via [email protected] or PGP. We review all security concerns brought to our attention, and we take a proactive approach to emerging security issues.

New security issues and attack vectors are arising everyday. When notified of legitimate issues, we will do our best to acknowledge your vulnerability report, assign resources to investigate the issue, and fix potential problems as quickly as possible. Whether you are a user of Bird Eats Bug products, a software developer, or simply a security enthusiast, you are an important part of this process. We appreciate the community's efforts in creating a more secure web.

We will consider offering a reward based on industry standards depending on the severity and impact of the vulnerability. If you want to learn more of how we process your data please visit our Terms of Service. If you want to learn about the principles and practices carried out by our team to safeguard the privacy, security, and reliability of our service please visit our Security and Privacy.