Help engineers fix bugs faster

Record your screen.
Let Bird capture all the technical data for you.
Reduce the time to resolution.

Faster, yet better bug reports

Less time on bugs = more time for features
Screen recording right from your browser
Way faster than launching a separate app.
No coding or technical setup required.
Sharable URLs.
No repetitive work
General information (browser, OS, date, time, domain, etc.) is included in every bug report - no need to provide it over and over again.
No typing
You don't need to type the steps to reproduce in the bug report. Bird automatically tracks things like URL changes and page reloads.
See the errors as you test
Bird Chrome extension shows you JavaScript and Network errors on the page in real time. That way you can instantly see that something is wrong and send the logs to an engineer.
With PMs in mind
Respect your users' privacy
You might find user session recording creepy.
Bird is an internal tool and does not violate anyone's privacy.
Fix the broken telephone
Bird reduces unnecessary back-and-forth: even non-technical people can file a perfect report every single time.
Spend less time on your next bug
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