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Bird helps you and your team be more efficient with your QA process.

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Nick | Chief Operating Officer at ‘nuffsaid

Our team uses Bird daily, and we love it! We're able to deliver all the info our developers need with a click of the Bird chrome extension. Bird has made ‘nuffsaid much more responsive to critical bugs and customer requests, and we definitely plan to continue using it.

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Integrate Bird with your tech stack

Use Bird to manage all bug reports in one place, improving your workflow without any changes to your current setup.

  • JIRA & Github: create new tickets directly from any bug report, or simply add them to existing issues in JIRA or GitHub. Easily keep track of auto-synced GitHub statuses
  • Slack: real-time notifications when a session is uploaded
  • Linear & Trello: create new issues straight from sessions
  • Email: share comprehensive bug reports via email
  • Azure DevOps, Zapier, and more...

Reduce steps for bug reporting by 50%

Bird dramatically cuts down the steps involved compared to how you’re currently reporting bugs.

  • Bird auto-captures all technical data, saving you time from writing reproduction steps
  • Let Bird run in the background without disrupting your workflow
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Get your team on the same page

Bird is perfect for teams that want to get more done in less time, letting you collaborate and communicate with your team members more efficiently.

  • Team shared workspace: organize all reports with JIRA, GitHub, bug status labels, and set different permissions for teams to access reports or update statuses
  • Multiple workspaces: manage different projects, move sessions between workspaces, set up integrations independently
  • Invite member directly from bug report

Casey | VP of Operations at SmarterSelect

I wish we had found Bird Eats Bug sooner. We all do! I could have saved so much time on trying to teach support how to write up bug reports that can go direct to the development team. The dev team could have saved so much time on understanding bug reports from their perspective rather than just the user's. And we have a central location for everything!

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

Try Bird later, from your desktop

See what Bird Eats Bug can do for your team

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Try Bird later, from your desktop

See what Bird Eats Bug can do for your team.
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