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How ‘nuffsaid improved the product development experience with automated bug reports



Developers receive incomplete bug reports, spends too much time chasing down details


Data-rich bug reports with auto-captured screen recordings and technical logs


Each person involved in product quality saves ±5 hours each month for more high-value tasks



’Nuffsaid is a Proactive Intelligence platform that helps Customer Success teams set up listening posts along the customer journey, and act on risks that reduce churn and opportunities that drive account expansion.


Palo Alto, California

Challenge: developers spending too much time chasing down details

When Nick Paranomos co-founded ‘nuffsaid as Chief Operating Officer, he was aware of the responsibility that came with overseeing product, design, and engineering delivery. “Ignore the noise” is a deeply ingrained value throughout the company, so Nick knew that he wanted his team to maintain focus on “work that matters” and for the same to apply in process issues across the company.

“There was a lot of back-and-forth between engineers and bug reporters or the QA team. Collecting useful data took a lot of time, and a lot of people didn’t even know how to provide these bits of information to engineers,“ recalls Nick.

Solution: data-rich bug reports with auto-captured screen recordings and technical logs

When it comes to dealing with bugs, Nick’s engineering team were receiving incomplete and inconsistent bug reports. The team would ask for console and network data each time a bug was reported so that they could reproduce the bug. The QA team approached Nick with Bird as a time-saving tool to collect console and network logs — and they were right. Bird being a browser extension makes it easy for anyone on the team to report bugs quickly as it requires zero setup. 

Success: fulfilling a promise, both internal and external, to focus on work that matters

By adding Bird into the team’s workflow, the team gets to significantly cut down on time spent on repetitive trivial tasks. ‘nuffsaid’s engineering team can now debug much faster, and bug reporters in the company cut time on the time-consuming back-and-forth that was required from them to help engineers find issues more quickly. Bird saves each person involved in product quality around five hours each month — that’s five hours that can be spent on more high-value tasks. The whole team reports bugs to engineers exclusively with Bird now.

"Bird Eats Bug will help your engineering teams fix bugs faster, with less input needed from the bug reporter."

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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