Bug Watch

Bug Watch

Bug Watch allows Bird to capture data in the background on your current page, which enables a bunch of handy features to help you report and fix bugs faster. You have full control over the pages where Bug Watch is enabled, and all the data is stored locally on your computer until you decide to upload it when reporting a bug. Here's what Bug Watch allows Bird to do:

Background monitoring

Bird continuously monitors the activity only on pages where Bug Watch is enabled. This allows you to capture technical logs for bugs AFTER they happen - data which might save your engineers hours of debugging.

Include logs when taking screenshots

With Bug Watch enabled, you can share richer screenshots of visual bugs and errors by including the technical logs behind them.

Bird extension error alerts

With Bug Watch's background monitoring turned on, Bird will subtly alert you on the extension when it detects errors on your page - helping you catch bugs that might not be visible in the interface. just remember to pin Bird in your Chrome extension toolbar so that you never miss an error.

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