Customer Success Story

How Whalesync improved its QA process in a more organized and sustainable way



Unnecessary back-and-forth between developers and bug reporters drive bug resolution time up.


Discovering better ways to communicate bugs. Anyone reporting bugs can save minutes every time they encounter a bug.


Improved workflow without any changes to the current setup. Team frees up time to focus on more rewarding work.



Whalesync is a no-code data connector that lets you instantly sync data between web apps.


Remote, with HQ in Seattle, Washington

The company: easy, no-code data syncing

Whalesync lets companies efficiently manage customer data, marketing campaigns, and blog content spread across their SaaS applications without hiring software engineers and building a data pipeline.

Whalesync believed that syncing data and ultimately building software should be intuitive and straightforward. Since its inception in March 2021, Whalesync has been in private beta, working closely with amazing early customers who share a vision for no-code data syncing.

As a relatively new company, Whalesync prioritizes speed in their development process, which means that their testing stack is relatively lightweight. The team uses a mix of manual tests, Cypress, and their own end-to-end test suite.

Challenge: unnecessary back and forth drive bug resolution time up

As a fully remote team, Whalesync always looks for the best possible ways to communicate and collaborate. And like any product team, it's imperative that co-founder Matthew Busel's team have a lot of back-and-forth around testing and bugs. 

Solution: discovering better ways to communicate bugs using Bird

Bugs can be tough to handle without direct, in-person contact. Whalesync had previously tried many ways to communicate bugs. This includes manually taking screenshots of the Console to using other screen recording tools such as Loom — none of them provided all the information their engineers need to diagnose and fix bugs easily. 

It didn’t occur to Matthew how inefficient and time-consuming this process can be for each bug encountered until Matthew came across Bird. Once he tried Bird after being recommended the tool by his former teammate, it clicked: now he or any other person reporting bugs in his team can save minutes every time they encounter a bug. 

Success: improved workflow without any changes to the current setup

Whalesync chose Bird because they needed a tool as intuitive as their own to simplify and cut down time when finding and fixing bugs. The total time saved means that Matthew’s team frees up time to focus on more rewarding work. Bug reporters can free up more time when reporting bugs and answering follow-up questions from engineers. His engineers can now focus on fixing bugs rather than chasing down technical details.

“Bird is about as intuitive as it gets - you just download the extension and hit go, and it basically does the rest.”

The single biggest reason to recommend Bird

“Bird just so simple. It doesn't try to be everything to everyone. The team at Bird clearly understands the problem and have designed a product that provides a real solution.”

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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