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bird eats bug workspace and integrations

Our free and paid plans just got better

Our new pricing makes it easier for both free and paying users to invite team members and upgrade flexibly
Dealing with bugs is never a solo act — there are always developers, bug reporters, product managers, or teammates of some kind. That's why we've built Bird in the browser: to make collaborating on fixing bugs easier for teams.

At Bird, we know that every team is different. Some teams are looking for a tool to help them easily capture and share bug reports, while others need something more powerful—a tool that will supercharge their workflow. Any team, regardless of size, should be able to try Bird's free and paid plans and experience our value firsthand.

To make sure of that, we've made it easier for both free and paying users to invite team members and upgrade flexibly.
Free users now have access to shared workspaces
For many users, our Free plan is their entry point to Bird. But since we introduced this plan when Bird first launched, we realized that we didn't let users experience the full potential of using Bird for collaboration with its single-user limit. So we've updated our pricing to make team workspaces free (a previously paid feature). You can now invite your team, share sessions privately, and access all your sessions in a shared storage space.

Find out more details on our new free plan here.
Flexible, per-user paid plan
Our Starter, Team, and Big Team plans will change to a single $8/user/month paid plan with unlimited session and unlimited bug reporters. This is a step towards simplifying our pricing.

Paying users will now be able to:
  • Only pay for admins or full members at $8/user/month (unlimited sessions and unlimited bug reporters).
  • Downgrade Inactive "full member" to a "bug reporter". You can add unlimited bug reporters for no additional cost on your paid plan.
What happens if you are already on an existing paid plan?
We are rolling out our new pricing on August 19, 2021. If you are already on a team plan, there's no further action required. You will remain on your existing plan with the same price and limits, which will appear as "custom" in the subscription plan page. You can switch over to our new per-user paid plan at any time via the subscription plan page.

Improving our pricing plans is just as important as any feature we build. If you have any feedback, questions or input about our new pricing, reach out to us via [email protected].

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