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Stop receiving incomplete bug reports

Even your non-technical team members
can easily create bug reports with
screen recording and a ton of technical data.

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Start getting bug reports with screen recordings and technical logs

You won’t need to ask bug reporters follow-up questions anymore. All our bug reports come with system information, console logs and network requests as standard.

  • System information e.g. OS, browser, version
  • Console logs, errors, warnings, asserts etc.
  • Network requests and responses

Get notified of errors that would go unnoticed

See all errors on the page in real time. That way you can instantly see that something is wrong, even when your console is closed.

  • Javascript error notifications are built into Bird
Preview captured logs with Replays
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Bird integrates with the tools you already use

Stay in the comfort zone of your existing workflow. Your team can send their bug reports directly from Bird to your team’s issue tracker. You just tackle bug issues like usual, except with much better bug reports.

  • Integrations with Azure DevOps, Jira, Github, Slack, Linear, Trello, and Zapier.

Yatin | Group Director of Engineering at SovTech

Switched from Loom to

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Bird Eats Bug

Bird has greatly reduced the time our engineers need to resolve bugs. The additional context provided by the Bird bug reports have reduced toil in the form of unnecessary communication, allowing for more efficient processes. Especially when paired with async and distributed teams.

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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