Episode 5: How to track and attribute your user behaviour

47 min
January 12, 2023
 Episode 5: How to track and attribute your user behaviour
Jane Portman

Jane Portman

CEO of Userlist
Hosted by
Jacky Chung

Jacky Chung


Daniel da Rocha

Daniel da Rocha

Fullstack developer

On capturing and tracking data for the purpose of evaluating usage

In this episode Jacky and Daniel meet with Jane Portman, CEO of Userlist, email automation software, and podcast host of "UI breakfast" and "Better Late Than Never", exploring these topics:

  • What basic key metrics to look at while evaluating your marketing and software usage
  • What is activating data and how to define it for your business
  • Where is the silver lining between asking too much data during signup process and asking not enough
  • How to deal with user privacy rights and stay legally compliant
  • What does "company account" mean and why we should pay attention to that

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