Episode 4: How to make your developers happy

19 min
August 10, 2022
Episode 4: How to make your developers happy
Danila Timerin & Amélie Thomas

Danila Timerin & Amélie Thomas

Head of Product and Product Manager at Approvalmax
Hosted by
Jacky Chung

Jacky Chung


Daniel da Rocha

Daniel da Rocha

Fullstack developer

Streamlining the development process and keeping your development team happy

In this episode, Jacky and Daniel meet with Danila Timerin, Head of Product and Amélie Thomas, Product Manager at ApprovalMax, where they explore the topics below:

  • Who is the development process facilitator
  • Which tools to use for your development team health checks
  • How to optimise approval and release processes
  • How to make and keep your developers happy

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