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Great software can make your work a lot more efficient, but startups don't usually have a ton of cash to spare. Here you can find deals on the products that can help you build a better company faster.

There are 3 principles standing behind this database:
  • Products over discounts
  • Knowledge of the crowd
  • Free to use

Products over discounts

We believe that you should never pick a product from a given category because you can get a deal on it. That doesn't help make products better. This is why we are not including company descriptions or industries in the doc. The idea is that if you like a certain tool, you can check if there's a discount on it - not vice versa.

Knowledge of the crowd

Anybody can submit a deal from a startup they know. To kickstart the process and make the tool useful from Day 1, we have also gathered discounts from over 300 companies.

Free to use

That's the best way to contribute to the community and build a good crowdsourced database.

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