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    €1.5M Seed Round Raised for Time Saving Bug Tracking Tool

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    January 13, 2021
    €1.5M Seed Round Raised for Time Saving Bug Tracking Tool

    We did it! See what our fundraising represents and where Bird is headed next.

    At Bird Eats Bug, our vision is to help companies solve one of the most time-consuming software development problems — fixing technical issues. We think every team should have the tools to make their QA process fast and painless. Our €1.5M seed funding round, led by Nauta Capital, will help us make that happen.

    This new capital will allow us to double down on our core technology and ensure that Bird is the most time-saving and reliable way for product teams to test and debug together. We will continue to integrate Bird with more issue trackers in addition to the currently supported Jira, Linear, and Trello to further reduce manual work.

    We're thankful to everyone — users who had trust in us from the very early days, employees who got excited by our vision (we're hiring, by the way) and investors who saw the potential in our idea. You can find more details about our latest funding round here.

    We can't wait to show you what we have in store for the future. This year will bring some really exciting new features.

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