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Bird's browser extension does the hard work behind the scenes and captures all the important data for you.
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Auto-include technical data.
No coding required.
Console logs, network requests and general info like browser/OS or screen size. Help engineers find the cause of the problem faster.
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Integrated with your apps
Push bug reports straight to your existing tools. Simplify your workflow and keep all your issues in one place.
Bird Eats Bug is a great, out-of-the box solution for any company looking to improve QA processes with zero engineering effort. With Bird, we get more visibility on issues and detailed reproduction steps, complete with screenshots and screen recordings that saves us up to 50% of time when reporting bugs.
Abby Sudario, QA Lead of Rightsline. Switched from Monosnap to Bird Eats Bug.

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No back-and-forth when reporting bugs
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