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How DD.NYC increased agency revenue and expedited launches with Bird Eats Bug



The process for reporting and finding bugs was time-consuming. With no standardized processes and tools, describing issues became more complex and less productive


A bug reporting tool that captures and organizes a wide range of data and enables easy sharing within the team


Up to 50% time saved in bug reporting, expedited launches, and an increase in revenue



DD.NYC is ​​an award-winning multidisciplinary design team based in New York City creating impactful digital products and experiences.


New York City, New York, USA

The company: creative technologists pushing the envelope from a design perspective

Founded in 2015 by Anjelika Kour, DD.NYC is a tech digital agency that offers high-performing, flexible mobile apps and web development services, UI/UX, and branding to clients in various industries, including lifestyle, beauty, hospitality, and more.

The challenge: time-consuming and inefficient bug reporting

Anjelika founded DD.NYC, where she wears different hats: running the agency, meeting with new clients, reviewing the progress of ongoing projects, signing off on the internal design and development design reviews, and overseeing project launches.

DD.NYC needed a tool that would easily capture all the information of devices their testers were testing on in a standardized way. Bug reporting was a major pain point for the DD.NYC team. The process for reporting and finding bugs was time-consuming, and they didn’t use any particular tools, making describing issues more complex and less productive. The time-consuming process would usually involve:

  1. DD.NYC team or partner experiences bug
  2. A ticket gets created containing non-standardized information, mainly on Trello, and usually includes:
    1. Screenshots that were taken manually
    2. Screen recordings that were created using QuickTime, where file sizes are oftentimes too big
    3. Lack of technical information e.g. console logs, as some bug reporters do not know how to open the developer tools or sometimes use Safari, which doesn’t have console logs.
  3. Developers and QA go back and forth to collect more information. Developers experience difficulty understanding the exact issue they need to fix as tickets may be missing critical technical data such as console logs.

“Bug reporting and fixing end up being very time-consuming and, therefore, expensive,” recalls Anjelika.

The requirements: what did DD.NYC need?

“One of the key milestones in Q1 of this year was to expedite bug reporting. So we made a list of features we need a tool to have, compared all the players in the market, and did a deep dive testing of two weeks per product”, shares Anjelika.

DD.NYC needed a lightweight-yet-powerful solution that would collect:

  • Crucial technical data such as console logs and network requests, system information, and more
  • Screenshot capture with annotations to help engineers understand and find issues faster
  • Lightweight screen recording to help speed up issue replication
  • Easy sharing of bug reports within the internal team and also externally with partners
  • Doesn’t require any technical skills to use, helpful when it comes to dealing with clients

The solution: intuitive, all-in-one bug reporting tool

“We had a spreadsheet of all feature requirements and comparisons from bug reporting tools in the market, and Bird Eats Bug covered all of it”

DD.NYC chose Bird because they needed a tool that can capture and organize a wide range of data and one that enables easy sharing within the team. During the interview, Anjelika particularly highlighted the Collections feature, which has been extremely helpful for the team in breaking reports up into specific departments such as copy, development, or design.

“Bird’s console logs just blow the competition out of the water”

Anjelika mentioned how easy it was to share Bird bug reports with clients, as they don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the tool, lowering the difficulty of explaining bugs in general.

Anjelika also noted how extremely productive and optimal it was to introduce clients to using Bird and get them to report issues that they see and needs fixing. As a result, there is also more client participation and improved client communication, thanks to Bird. No more screenshots with manually created arrows using Apple’s native screenshot tool, for example. Anjelika also mentioned that she even uses Bird recordings to create one-off tutorials.

The success: up to 50% time saved in bug reporting, expedited launches, and an increase in revenue

After conducting a deep dive into various bug reporting tools on the market, DD.NYC decided to go with Bird to optimize its QA processes. They quickly began to see value.

  • Dramatic time savings, expedited launches: “Bird helps us save between 20 to 50% of time spent on reporting bugs. I wish we had Bird for years so we could build better products faster.”
  • Increase in agency revenue: “With the time that Bird has helped freed up, we can take on more projects and as a result see an increase in our revenue.”
  • Improved employee morale: “Bird has really improved employee morale as now it's easier for them to communicate issues with each other. People in different roles have different mindsets. In our case, developers look for functionality requests, designers feel heard, and their designs are executed. You can align all these things better with a tool like Bird. Developers feel a boost in morale as they look in their Collections in Bird and see that 90-95% are done.”

The single biggest reason to recommend Bird

“Bird has helped us to be more productive and to build better products faster.”

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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