Record and fix bugs faster

Bird's Chrome extension captures bugs with screen recording, console logs, network logs, and more.
Upload them to your favorite project management tool without hassle.
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Bird Eats Bug is perfect for

QA Testing
Customer Support
Software Engineers
Stack of tickets under the Done column on a task management platform
Focus on maintaining the quality of your work, not the process of it
Give more context/clarity
Each issue you report comes with all the data engineers need

Unlimited recording time
Record testing without losing detail, no limit on recording length
Support tickets with Done statuses
Improve case resolution time
Resolve support tickets faster
Spend more time on resolving customer issues and less time describing bugs.

More data for engineers
Auto-include everything engineers need. Avoid clarification questions.
Compiled view of all data automatically included in every Bird Eats Bug report
Maintain high quality code
Easily identify and reproduce issues
Save time and nerves when fixing bugs

Stop unnecessary back-and-forth
Less time spent following up, more time for building new features.

Smooth handovers between bug reporters and engineers

Found a bug?
Click Bird and hit "Record"
Bird's browser extension does the hard work behind the scenes and captures all the important data for you.
Install on Chrome
Auto-include technical data.
No coding required.
Console logs, network requests and general info like browser/OS or screen size. Help engineers find the cause of the problem faster.
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Integrate Bird with other tools
Connect Bird to your existing tools to speed up the workflow. Push bug reports directly to your issue tracker in seconds.

Avoid unnecessary back-and-forth

No back-and-forth when reporting bugs
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Shift effort from bugs
to features

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