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Bird Eats Bug has unlimited screen recording
One major differentiator to Usersnap is that Bird Eats Bug (or Bird, for short) offers a screen recording tool that allows you to capture bugs right in your browser and narrate the problem with unlimited webcam and audio recording. This means two things: much less back-and-forth by providing more context to each issue and uninterrupted workflow.

With Bird, when you capture a screen recording, the video is processed in the same screen and you're able to share it (via sharing link or via integrations to popular tools like GitHub, Linear, Trello, Slack). You can also choose to record full screen or a particular tab.
Bird Eats Bug is a great, out-of-the box solution for any company looking to improve QA processes with zero engineering effort. With Bird, we get more visibility on issues and detailed reproduction steps, complete with screenshots and screen recordings that saves us up to 50% of time when reporting bugs.
Abby Sudario, QA Lead of Rightsline. Switched from Monosnap to Bird Eats Bug.
Bird Eats Bug auto-captures network data
Bird offers much more than just screen recording and screenshot capture tool, each bug capture automatically includes all the technical information your engineers need.

Depending on the bug, network logs could be the most important piece of information.

Developers use network logs to pin-point bugs related to client/server communication by inspecting network request information like headers and request or response payloads. Network logs paired with (also auto-collected) console logs, save developers time in replicating an issue and see what went wrong, speeding up the whole bug reporting and bug fixing process.

With Bird, teams can reproduce faster, save tons of time, and improve their productivity.
Image depicting the network tab which houses network logs.
Make your team more productive
Bird's paid plans offer a team workspace for small to medium-sized teams so that everyone can collaborate, reproduce and resolve issues much faster. The team workspace is a single library for members to upload, add descriptions, and share or upload to a range of project management tools, keeping everyone in the loop when working on issues.

Admins get workspace-wide controls, team-only protected sharing, priority support and more.
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