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Manual testing now less manual

Let Bird automate your bug reporting and make sure your developers always have the information they need to fix bugs.

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Bug reporting:
50% faster, 100% less painful

Before Bird, reporting bugs often meant manually taking screenshots/video recording with third-party tools and follow-up questions from engineers afterward. Using Bird saves you time from all this (and spares your nerves).

  • Detailed reproduction steps, more visibility on issues
  • Auto-include screenshot or screen recording

Gives developers an easy way to understand what's gone wrong

With 2 clicks, Bird auto-include steps to reproduce errors, technical logs and other useful data in every bug report. Saving QA’s time to report bugs, and engineer’s time to understand the problem.

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Easily share your bug reports
with team members

Jumping between tabs is a waste of time. With Bird, you can do all bug reporting from one interface and upload directly to your issue tracker.

  • Integration with Jira, Github, Slack, Linear and Trello.
  • Simple status tracking built-in.
Abby, QA Lead at Rightsline

Abby | QA Lead at Rightsline

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With Bird, we get more visibility on issues and detailed reproduction steps, complete with screenshots and screen recordings that saves us up to 50% of time when reporting bugs.

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See what Bird Eats Bug can do for your team.
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