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Easy screen capture

Screen recording and screenshots

No more back-and-forth over bugs. Reduce time spent reporting bugs by up to 50% by having all the info engineers need in one place with multiple visual recording options.

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All the info engineers need in one place with multiple visual recording options

Bird Eats Bug automatically captures system information, network requests, console logs, and everything else you need.

  • No need to capture technical data from multiple places
  • Record your browser tab, window or even the entire screen

Give more context to each issue

Bird Eats Bug makes explaining bugs remotely a lot easier. Turn on your microphone and camera to quickly describe issues without writing out long descriptions and let your team know exactly what needs to be fixed. Free up time from writing steps to reproduce, expected vs. actual results, and more.

  • Record your microphone and/or webcam
  • Pause anytime and continue your recording
  • Console logs will be time-synced with your recordings
  • Trim, split and cut your recordings afterwards (coming soon)
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Capture, annotate, share

Get your point across faster and easier with our screenshot annotation tool and easily share issues with your team. Use the embedded annotation tools to visualize, point, highlight and add notes exactly where issue happens.

Carolyn | Director of Customer Success at Rightsline

Switched from Monosnap to

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I really love using Bird. I know that every time I produce a video for our engineering and QA team to review, it will have all of the information they need to look into bugs and produce context to reproduce issues. It's so easy to use and has great security features. We have our whole company using Bird now and it's made such a difference to our ability to diagnose and fix bugs in our software!

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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