Ultimate screen recorder for software bugs

Record your screen when an issue occurs in your app, and Bird will automatically capture all the technical logs behind the scenes to make it easier for engineers to debug.

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Different screen recorders, for different needs

We have 2 screen recording solutions:

An easy-to-setup browser extension for advanced screen recording
An Embeddable Web SDK widget to make the Bird recorder accessible to entire customer bases, and works on mobile browsers.

Automatically capture data with every recording

Our extension captures the code running behind the scenes, to give engineers everything they need to debug issues.

Click and key input events
Console logs
Network request logs
System details

Instantly replay hard-to-catch bugs

Our replays functionality monitor errors in real-time; allowing you to replay a bug with full technical detail immediately after it happens.

Communicate complex bugs with video markers, audio and camera

Some bugs are difficult to communicate with text; in these cases just use your mic to explain it instead. You can also add markers at critical points in the video to help engineers easily skip between important moments while debugging.

Stop reporting bugs the old-fashioned way

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“Game changer”

Julie, Head of QA


Overall rating: 4.7/5

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