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Capture your screen and auto-include everything your engineers need in one-click.

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Seconds to install, no coding required

Skip the cumbersome setup of a new tool. With Bird, all it takes to create a bug report is a single click.

  • Install and pin Bird to your browser to report in one click
  • Auto-capture important data your engineers need to diagnose and debug faster

Enable Replays to capture data in the background on your current page

No need to open the dev console that takes up a lot of space. Enable Replays to get error alerts whenever there is an issue in your dev console.

  • Capture tech logs even before you start thinking of recording video
  • Share richer screenshots of visual bugs and errors by including the technical logs behind them
  • Catch bugs that might not be visible in the interface
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Easily share your bug reports
with team members

Jumping between tabs is a waste of time. With Bird, you can do all bug reporting from one interface and upload directly to your issue tracker.

  • Integration with Azure DevOps, Jira, Github, Slack, Linear, Trello and Zapier
  • Simple status tracking built-in
  • Real-time email notifications when a team member uploads a new bug report

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Bird Eats Bug

Bird Eats Bug is one of the simplest, yet invaluable tool for squashing bugs we've ever used. Communicating a bug to the team takes seconds.

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See what Bird Eats Bug can do for your team.
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