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    Introducing Bird Teams and Integrations

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    November 4, 2020
    Introducing Bird Teams and Integrations

    Our biggest release to date. Create teams and workspaces, assign user roles and integrate with Jira, Linear and Trello.

    When we launched Bird Eats Bug earlier this year, we aimed to create an intuitive tool that would help product teams spend less time communicating and fixing bugs. These goals are why our biggest release to date focuses on two essential things: better collaboration and integration.

    Access all bug reports in your team Workspace

    There will be times when you'd prefer to share some of your reports with restricted access. With this release, we made it possible to invite other people to your Workspace and to assign user roles. With Workspace, all reports for the team can be accessed in one place. This way, you have full control over who can access your bug reports (only your teammates or anyone with a link) and also their access levels, be it a full member or a bug reporter. Full members can access all recordings in the Workspace, whereas bug reporters can only access what they upload.

    Track bug reports with Jira, Linear and Trello Integration

    Our Jira Cloud integration makes it possible to create new Jira issues directly from a Bird session and includes support for custom fields. Our Linear and Trello integrations save you time by creating and pushing issues straight to the platforms - no setup required. These features are available on the Starter, Team, and Big Team plans.

    How to connect your sessions with Jira

    • Go to the Account Settings and click Connect to Jira Cloud. You will be prompted to sign-in to your Atlassian account and authorize Bird to create issues in your Jira project.
    • Once connected, an Add to Jira button will be available in all your uploaded sessions.
    • Clicking this will open a Jira modal, which lets you add additional information and create the Jira issue.
    • The newly created issue can now be viewed in Jira and will contain the Bird session link, description and environment data.

    How to create and push issues to Linear and Trello

    • Click on a particular session you'd like to push to Linear and Trello
    • Edit session title and description (optional)
    • Click the Share button and choose Create Linear issue or Create Trello card
    • Login to your accounts, if you're not already
    • The new issue or card will automatically pop up and will contain the Bird session link, title and description.

    All in all, we've churned out multiple visual updates throughout the whole app and also set up new pricing plans. Open a free account to try it out yourself or upgrade your subscription plan to check our latest releases today.

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