Exploring the best Vue 3 UI libraries

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    October 20, 2022
    Exploring the best Vue 3 UI libraries

    Vue.js  is a popular open-source front-end framework that's been around for quite some time now. As the ecosystem around Vue grows, there are new libraries that can help you create interfaces that are easy to manage and maintain. 

    In this article, we'll explore some of these best Vue 3 UI libraries and how they can be used for your next project.

    Vant UI

    Vant3 Homepage

    Screenshot of Vant UI's homepage

    Vant UI is a lightweight mobile UI component built on Vue.js with a collection of over 65 lightweight reusable components. Vant UI offers a variety of components such as notifications, countdowns, pull-to-refresh, password inputs and many more. The component from Vant makes it easy to create components that are fully customizable,and adaptable for mobile use.  

    Some of its incredible features, according to the documentation, are as follows:

    • Support for Vue 2 and Vue 3
    • Support for Tree Shaking 
    • Support for Custom Theme
    • Written in TypeScript
    • Provides over 70 high-quality components
    • Support for SSR

    The Vant UI website has extensive documentation, including many demos, event APIs, slot APIs, helpful code samples, and even edge cases. Additionally, Vant provides support for modern browsers, Android, and iOS. It's a fantastic option for creating mobile-friendly apps. 

    The components are designed to seamlessly fit into any PWA and provide a native-like experience without much effort. It can also be regarded as a rival to the Ionic framework.

    Naive UI

    Naive UI Homepage

    Naive UI is a Vue 3 component library written in typescript shipped with over 80k helpful components that help you write less code. These components are complete, themeable, performant, and customizable. It only supports Vue 3 and provides a great development experience.

    Naive documentation website is easy to navigate and comprehend. On the website, there is a special customization input section where developers can see a preview of how components will appear with their theme. You can select from the available options to create your own complete theme with different color patterns and fonts that can be downloaded and easily incorporated into your app to override the default. 

    The Naive UI framework supports a wide range of light and dark themes, tree-shakable components, props, and events that enable developers to build dependable and performant interfaces. With no compromise on speed or existing components, it is a great choice for crafting user interfaces in Vue.js.

    Vuestic UI

    Vuestic UI Homepage

    Vuestic UI is a Vue 3 compatible UI framework designed in such a way to make complex designs easy to implement. It offers over 50 feature-rich components that you can incorporate into any design solution. These components are responsive by design and fit into nearly every screen size.

    Vuestic UI is fully responsive and supports all modern browsers. It is fully compatible with Nuxt3 and also provides support for server-side rendering(SSR). Additionally, Vuestic seamlessly supports keyboard accessibility, enabling keyboard access to interactive elements on your page.

    The installation process is straightforward, and you can easily integrate it into an existing application. The Vuestic documentation is user-friendly and contains numerous UI element demo examples. It is one of the best options for creating beautiful interfaces and writing maintainable Vue code.

    Oruga UI

    Oruga UI Homepage

    According to the documentation, Oruga is a lightweight library of UI components for Vue.js without CSS framework dependency. It doesn't rely on any CSS framework and doesn't provide any grid system or CSS utility. It only offers a set of components easy to customize by only modifying your stylesheet or integrating with a CSS framework. Oruga provides a strong foundation for building your component features because it puts more of an emphasis on functionality than on style.

    Oruga allows you to focus solely on the aesthetics of your application while being flexible enough to handle future changes without having to write a line of JavaScript code. In this way, Oruga illustrates how you can build anything in a non-opinionated environment. 

    Oruga's documentation is fantastic. It provides a list of interactive components demos with their code example. It showcases a variety of online demo examples as well as how developers are using it to create beautiful websites and applications. You can check this page to see a list of projects built with Oruga UI.

    Getting started with Oruga is a breeze because it provides outstanding component customization and setup experience. It is the framework I would choose If I need a UI framework with a collection of relatively customizable components that I can use to apply my custom style or design system.


    PrimeVue Homepage

    PrimeVue is the next-generation UI library for Vue, featuring a rich set of open source native components that enables you to build complex, modern, and highly dynamic Vue applications. It offers over 90 UI components, ready-to-use UI blocks, an Icon library, and CSS Utilities that you can utilize for building interactive Vue applications. PrimeVue stands out on this list as one of the frameworks with a wide range of components.

    PrimeVue comes with pre-built themes, over 350 ready-to-use UI blocks, and highly customizable components for building spectacular complex applications in no time. PrimeVue components are fully responsive and are optimized for different screen sizes. Also, it offers a helpful visual editor that enable developers to customize their own custom theme.

    PrimeVue is one of the best complete solutions for your UI requirements, with over 2.7K stars on Github and a whopping 60k weekly downloads. It provides exceptional support services with a growing community where you can reach out to other users. Millions of developers use PrimeVue worldwide, and Fortune 500 companies like Fox, Airbus, eBay, Intel, and others trust it.


    Quasar Homepage

    Quasar is an open-sourced Vue.js application framework that enables you to build high-performance and exceptional Vue.js application user interfaces for mobile, desktop, server-side rendering(SSR), progressive web app(PWA), and browser extension(BEX). With Quasar, you can write code once and simultaneously deploy it as a website, mobile app, or electron app.

    One of Quasar's benefits is that it provides cutting-edge UI for your websites and apps out of the box that complies with (Material Guidelines). It also provides a (state-of-the-art CLI) backed by best practices that allow you to use one codebase for all platforms. By combining the powerful features from Quasar UI and Quasar CLI, you can solely focus on your app’s features and completely ignore the boilerplate around it. Quasar removes the need for extra substantial libraries like Hammer.js, Bootstrap, moment.js, etc because it handles those requirements internally.

    It’s one of the most performance-focused frameworks with exceptional developer experience. The Quasar documentation is easy to navigate and features several Demo examples. It has an incredible proactive community where you can get an instant answer to some of your questions. As a result of its simplicity and powerful features, with its CLI, Quasar is a great UI framework that makes life easier for developers.

    Ant Design Vue

    Ant Design Vue Homepage

    Screenshot of Ant Design homepage

    Ant Design is one of the most popular and well-established Vue UI libraries designed with a set of high-quality Vue components and demos for building well-performant interactive user interfaces. It offers a robust templating style and components that facilitate UI development. You can customize the components to some design aspects to adapt to various color variations, fonts, and icon styles.

    Ant Design offers numerous UI components to enhance your web application. It came with some complex components like a calendar, file upload, data table, date picker, cascader, etc. Ant Design supports server-side rendering and also provides support for all modern browsers.

    With over 16.9k stars on Github and 80k downloads per week at the time of writing, there is no doubt it has a robust active community. Providing developers with a great development experience is at the core of Ant Design Vue's mission.


    In this article, we explored a list of awesome UI libraries that provides a foundational building block that enables developers to effortlessly build user interfaces. When you combine Vue.js and a UI framework, you can dramatically speed up the creation of user interfaces and enhance the development experience.

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