autojoin feature

Auto-join makes it effortless to keep your sessions private, while allowing your team to easily access what they need; no more "can you invite me" or "I don't have permission to access" requests. By adding a trusted email domain (usually your work email), you can share your private sessions with anyone with this valid email domain and they will automatically have access to the session and join your workspace.

Start using auto-join

  1. Go to your workspace Members settings page
  2. Under the "Auto-join email domain" section, add a trusted email domain, such as your work email e.g. for our team it would be
  3. Done! Next time you share a private session with a team member, as long as their account email domain matches your trusted domains, they can automatically join the workspace and gain access.

Important information

  • Auto-join email domains can only be added by workspace Admin.
  • You can add more than one auto-join email domain.
  • For workspaces on a paid plan, your teammates will automatically join the workspace with a Member role, as this is necessary for accessing private sessions.
  • For workspaces on a free plan, your teammates will automatically join your workspace with an Admin role.

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