Reporting bugs is no longer a pain

Create bug reports that come with all the data your engineers need in three clicks. No more copy and pasting info. No more back and forth.
Bug report with technical logs

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Bird Eats Bug is perfect for

QA Testing
Customer Support
Software Engineers
Take time-consuming manual tasks off your plate
Streamline your workflow
Save time on documenting bugs and tests, push issues directly to Jira, Trello or Linear.

Improve handover to engineers
Combine all technical data and visual proof in one place.
Improve case resolution time
Resolve support tickets faster
Spend more time on resolving customer issues and less time describing bugs.

More data for engineers
Auto-include everything engineers need. Avoid clarification questions.
Stop receiving incomplete bug reports
Get the data that's often missing
Reproduce, find the cause, and troubleshoot a lot faster

Stop unnecessary back-and-forth
No more asking your bug reporters follow up questions = free up more time building new features.

Report bugs faster and better

No more typing or copy-pasting
Auto-include steps to reproduce, technical logs and other useful data in every bug report.
See example
Use video or voice to add more context
Speaking is faster than typing. Use voice recording to provide more context for specific actions and describe expected behaviour.
Integrations with popular tools
Submit reports directly to your issue tracker. All bug reporting from one interface to avoid jumping between browser tabs.

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