DevOps Engineer

Software Development
Remote job

Job description

Bird Eats Bug is a dev tool that combines screen recording with automatically captured technical logs. It allows even non-technical people to create proper data-rich bug reports that save engineering time and remove unnecessary back-and-forth.

The tool was originally launched on Product Hunt and grew organically since then. We’ve recently closed a €1.5M Seed financing round to improve the technology behind Bird and make it one of the best debugging tools over the next few years.

We are currently a team of 11, but growing – that means you will get the opportunity to have a lot of impact, make your own decisions, and help shape the company's future. We are pragmatic, keep processes lean, and cut back on unnecessary meetings. We believe in cross-functional competence, so as an engineer, you will be free to choose to focus on the frontend, backend, or both. If it sounds like you would fit right in, please keep reading.

Our current tech stack at a glance

  • SPA, Browser Extension, Vue.js, SCSS, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, Apollo Client
  • Node.js, Fastify, ffmpeg
  • Hasura GraphQL Engine, PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Platform + Terraform
  • Github (repo) + Actions (CI/CD)
  • Auth0, Sentry, Segment

Things you'll do

  • Improve DevOps processes, infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, system observability, monitoring and tracing.
  • Design and implement a performant and highly available backend system capable of storing and serving user content quickly and securely worldwide.
  • Improve and maintain the security of our infrastructure and information systems.
  • Design, implement and ship an on-premise version of our product
  • Help achieve and maintain compliance with standards like SOC2 / ISO27001 / HIPAA

Other things you could do

If you would like to work on user facing features:

  • Design and implement infrastructure to transcode and serve video recordings.
  • Implement / improve authentication system with authentication codes and 3rd party OAuth 2.0 and SAML providers.
  • Data Modeling with PostgreSQL, Hasura GraphQL Engine and Fastify 3
  • Implement integrations with third-party applications like Github, Gitlab, Slack, Linear, Monday and others.

Job requirements

  • You are a great person to work with, very hands-on and enjoy solving difficult problems. You can speak about technology for hours. It genuinely excites you when users love the product you are working on and get actual value out of it.
  • You are relentlessly resourceful, know how to prioritize your work, enjoy having autonomy and a measurable impact on the company and user experience. You hate politics, expect to be appreciated and grow with the company.
  • You don't need to have a CS degree, or a minimum number of years of experience. What we care about is that you are excellent at solving problems, have experience with DevOps and that you love what you do.
  • Tax residency in Germany required for full time employment, though we are open to contractors in other countries. Unfortunately we cannot currently provide any visa or relocation support.


We provide our team to latest softwares like GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear, Figma

Remote working - or if you live in Berlin, work in our office whenever you feel like it

30 days paid vacations

Latest MacBook Pro (or PC if you prefer), displays and accessories

Flexible work hours

Weekly remote team activities to keep the spirits high

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