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How Bird Eats Bug’s free Premium trials works

Last updated on
October 18, 2022

Creating a free Premium trial account is one way to access Bird’s Premium plan features for 14 days, such as:

  • Web SDK: install Bird to your internal or production apps with a few lines of code to allow anyone to report issues with a few clicks.
  • Collections: a better way to organize your sessions e.g. create a collection called Demos, which houses explanation videos for your remote team members or even end users.
  • E2E templates: effortlessly transfer manual tests and bugs to automated test scripts for popular end-to-end testing frameworks such as Cypress, Selenium Puppeteer, Playwright.
  • Integrations: see all integrations here.

After the 14-day trial period ends, you will be prompted to make a choice between:

    • Subscribing to our Premium plan and keeping all features accessible as is
    • Subscribing to the Starter plan and have everyone in your workspace switched to admin and no more access to customization options for SDK
    • Continue as a free account user, and have the following:
      • Integrations disabled
      • Collections will be merged
      • Everyone in the workspace switched to admin
      • Guest reporters removed
      • No more access to SDK


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