Aug 16, 2019

Handy Chrome extensions for designers

Following our post about Chrome extensions for developers, this time we've decided to take a look at the ones for designers.

Since we are building our own Chrome extension, we like checking out what others do and sharing our findings with the world.


Don't know where to find inspiration? Muzli extension is designed to help you. Every time you open a new browser window you see a curated list of the most relevant links for designers. Muzli gathers the best from the web, so that you don't waste your time on mediocre stuff.

SVG Grabber

Getting a logo or an icon from a web page can be a pain: it's either not being saved properly or you need to download them one-by-one. That's exactly why SVG Grabber exists - it can scrape all the SVGs from the page and show the list of all assets it found, so that you can easily download the ones you need.

Page Ruler

Another pain designers have on the web is understanding the exact size of the object. If you use a screenshot tool to accomplish this task, you should probably get Page Ruler. You can then just open the extension and drag the rectangle over to check the size of the area in question.

Fontface Ninja

Next in line of the tools to make designer's work more efficient is Fontface Ninja. There are certainly other ways to check what font is used on the page, but this extension makes it super easy. You can also directly download or buy selected font, in case it's not free.

Bird Eats Bug

Self-promotion time :)

Sometimes you see a bug or broken layout and you need to report it to the engineering team. Bird is designed to help you communicate that to developers in the most efficient way.

With Bird you can retrace your steps and share the recording with developers, which also includes technical data to help them find and solve the issue faster.

Bird is just as useful for PMs, Engineers and QA, by the way.

Protoship Teleport

This extension is for designers or those developers who are not getting assets from designers - it allows you to convert any webpage into a Sketch Artboard.

By importing other websites you can actually save yourself a lot of time and use the work of others as inspiration. To use the extension, you will need Sketch and Protoship Sketch plugin.


ColorZIlla is for those cases when you need to find out a color of a particular element - basically a color picker for the web. You just need to point your cursor and it will return HEX and RGB codes. You can also quickly copy them into your buffer to paste it into the design tool of your choice.

Window Resizer

If you are a designer, you might be reading this from a 27-inch display, but most of your users are have a much smaller device. Don't worry though, there is a solution - Window Resizer. It allows you to check how your UI looks like on different screen sizes. There are presets, but you can also specify an exact viewport size in pixels.

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